Drone X Pro LIMITLESS 2 Patriotic Special Edition w/ GPS 4K Camera WiFi FPV Live Video Follow Me RTH

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Drone X Pro LIMITLESS 3 GPS 4K UHD Camera Drone for Adults with EVO Obstacle Avoidance, 3-Axis Gimbal, Auto Return Home, Follow Me, Long Flight Time, Long Control Range, 5G WiFi FPV Live Video, EIS, Superior Stabilization

Let me introduce you to our newest and most impressive drone to date, LIMITLESS 3. It's fully loaded with new features that allow it to compete with the expensive brand name drones 3-5x its price. Recently upgraded from our LIMITLESS 2 model, which was and still is one of the hottest drones on the market in 2021. We kept the same design that everyone loves so much, and added some truly impressive features, including: 

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OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE allows you to fly worry-free! The new obstacle avoider uses a laser to scan whether there are obstacles in drone's flight path and avoids them with ease. Say GOODBYE to accidents!

3-AXIS GIMBAL & EIS Anti-Shake Technology is a professional combination providing ultra smooth video that very few drones can compete with. 

4K HDR CAMERA with SONY IMX179 Image Sensor allows you to record crystal clear videos in 4K at 25 fps.

LONGER FLIGHT RANGE allows you to maintain complete control while this amazing quadcopter explores 4000ft away

LONGER FLIGHT TIME gives you the time necessary to explore further and to capture incredible moments without having to constantly stop to change batteries

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LIMITLESS 2 Drone USA Freedom Version


2.5% of each LIMITLESS 2 Freedom Drone (INCLUDING added accessories) will be donated to Solidarity Response Fund for WHO (C19 fund). Even if you don't purchase one of our qualifying "LIMITLESS 2" items, please consider donating on your own to help those families in need. 

GPS Return to Home Drone with 2-Axis Gimbal 4K Dual Camera 5G WiFi FPV Live Video Follow Me 25min Flight Time

Let me introduce you to our newest, most incredible, and most popular drone to date, LIMITLESS 2. Recently upgraded from our original LIMITLESS model, which was and still is one of the hottest drones on the market today. We kept the same design that everyone loves so much, and added some truly impressive features, such as: 

  • 2-AXIS GIMBAL for super smooth video recording,
  • SD memory card slot for the option of on-board storage. This drone is also still able to instantly and wirelessly transfer photo/video directly to your smartphone's photo album via the built in wifi signal it emits. So it's truly VERSATILE.
  • 3/4 MILE FLIGHT RANGE, allowing you to maintain complete control while this amazing quadcopter explores 1200M away

A true engineering masterpiece that will completely blow your mind with its capabilities and low price-tag. The 2-Axis Gimbal 4K UHD Dual Camera provides crystal clear images and video, while maintaining smooth footage unlike the bumpy footage you'd get from any other drone at this price. Other drones may have a 4K Camera, or a long battery life, but LIMITLESS 2 is THE ONLY drone in its price class that has a 2-axis gimbal in addition to all the other functions. The GPS allows you to track your flights in real time and safely return home with its built in "Auto Return Home" feature (automatically returns home when low battery or loss of signal). Its 25min Flight time on a single charge and ability to fly 1200 Meters in distance without losing connection virtually allows you to go wherever you want, hence LIMITLESS was given the perfect name!


  • GPS Auto Return Home: Allows you to track your flights in real time and safely return home with its built in "Auto Return Home" feature (automatically returns home when low battery or loss of signal).
Drone with GPS Auto Return Home RTH


  • 2-AXIS GIMBAL: Ensures stunningly smooth, stable video footage in just about any situation.Drone with gimbal
  • 4K ULTRA-HD RESOLUTION: Dual Camera allows you to take photos & video in 4K Ultra-HD Resolution from a wide-variety of creative angles. And with 1 press of a button, you can easily share the amazing drone footage you captured using Email, Twitter, SMS, Facebook, etc
  • GPS TRACKING and RTH: A Precision GPS System on-board LIMITLESS allows you to TRACK & RECORD your flight. A Map shows the distance of the drone as well as Latitude and Longitude positions. RETURN TO HOME (RTH) works seamlessly with 1 press of a button your drone comes back to it's exact take-off location. NEVER WORRY about Low Battery or Loss of Signal-- LIMITLESS automatically RETURNS HOME keeping your quadcopter safe from harm!
  • FOLLOW ME Mode: Autonomously follows your every move, hands-free. Will fly behind or alongside while keeping you centered on the screen. Perfect for recording action shots or taking selfie videos of you and friends
  • POINT OF INTEREST (POI): An intelligent flight mode that uses advanced positioning systems to put your drone on an automated flight path around a desired subject, while rotating the drone to keep the subject centered in the camera frame

 Drone X Pro LIMITLESS GPS Follow Me Mode Point of Interest

  • 25 MIN FLIGHT TIME: Equipped with a high capacity battery providing 25min of flight time on a single charge. Not many drones stay in the air for this long, and certainly not for this price. If you want even more flight time, you can purchase Extra Batteries here  
  • BRUSHLESS MOTORS: Provides incredible flight stability and battery power efficiency. The 1806 Brushless Motors and Noise Reduction Fan Blades ensure efficient power, low noise, extended battery life, and precision flight control.

LIMITLESS Drone Brushless Motors and Long Lasting Battery

  • 1200M FLIGHT RANGE, ENHANCED DISTANCE CAPABILITY: A flight range of 3/4 Mile allows for seemingly LIMITLESS exploration; especially since it's equipped with 25 minutes of flight time and Auto Return Home GPS, you're able to explore and film many different locations in a short amount of time.
    Drone with long flight range far distance
  • PRECISION CONTROL & SPEED- You'll NEVER lose control of this drone GUARANTEED! With such precision control, you're really able to rear back and rip through the air at high speeds. You'll quickly realize you have full command at your fingertips, and your confidence will soar as high as the drone itself.
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