About Us

Welcome to Drone-Clone Xperts, your most TRUSTED and AFFORDABLE Drone Retailer located right here in the USA! I founded Drone-Clone Xperts L.L.C. in 2017 as a drone hobbyist/enthusiast who was completely fed up with the outrageous price of Drones on the market. These big Drone companies have been taking advantage of consumers for years by marking up the price by up to 1200%. Due to strong international business relationships, I had direct knowledge of drone production cost vs retail price, and I can't explain just how angry and outright sickened I became by the greed of these companies to markup drone prices so drastically. Was the customer getting a great product, sure.... but at an outrageous, uncessasary, and unjust cost. I knew I could create and provide less costly products without sacrificing quality, Judging by our rapid growth and overwhelming success thus far, it's safe to say this is exactly what the American public has been waiting for!

With our knowledge of advanced drone technology, and the unique relationships we have with our manufacturers and business partners, we can confidently ensure you’ll receive the most affordable, high-quality products on the market.

We became so popular that other companies are trying to copy us and our products, yet they are creating knock-off drone "look-alikes" which may have a similar appearance on the outside, but are COMPLETELY different on the inside. To ensure you get the best quality and customer service, make sure it's manufactured by us here at Drone-Clone Xperts. We're not affiliated with any other entity, so if you purchase a drone from any other website, it's NOT one of ours.

We take tremendous pride and responsibility in only selling products that meet our high standards and expectations. Before we sell products on our website, they must all be tested, refined, and reassessed by our quality control team before being approved for sale.