Product Insurance Terms

Product Insurance:

The following is the accidental protection insurance contract:
1) Option to Add Accidental Protection Insurance to Order for Added Fee
Customers have the option to add Accidental Protection Insurance, which is labeled on this website as, "Add Accidental Protection to Fly Without Worry". This product protection service can be added in cart before purchase is made for an additional cost. The price for this service is 30% of the total price of the product being purchased (discounts don't apply). For example, a product priced at $100 would have an option to purchase accidental protection for an extra $30 (30% of the $100 product price). For specific information on what the Protection Insurance includes, please see Accidental Protection Insurance Terms & Conditions below.
Accidental Protection Insurance Terms & Conditions:
REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: In the case of any accidental, unintended, or negligent damage to the structure or technological vitals of your quadcopter, Drone-Clone Xperts, Inc. warrants this product to be replaced in its entirety, including any flying accessories such as the controller or propellers, one time within 1-year from the date the Accidental Protection Insurance was Purchased. Any piece that is returned in some form will warrant the entire product to be replaced in full with a brand new unit. Shipping will be paid by the Customer