Drone Instructions

Click on the links and videos below to access detailed instruction manuals and other great resources specific for your Drone. If you still need help, feel free to email us at Admin@DroneCloneXperts.com and we'll gladly assist you and/or fix any issues your experiencing.

• LIMITLESS 5 Drone User Manual (click here for PDF)

LIMITLESS 5 Drone Instruction Video

LIMITLESS 4S Drone Instruction Video

Payload Release Attachment Setup for X Pro LIMITLESS 5 Drone and LIMITLESS 4S Drone

LIMITLESS 3 Drone User Manual

LIMITLESS 3 Drone Instruction Video

LIMITLESS 3 Calibration Video

LIMITLESS 3 - Avoid Geomagnetic Signal Interference

QuadAir GPS 4K Drone Instructions Manual 
(This GPS drone is different/better than our QuadAir EXTREME drone. If you have that model just scroll down on this page and you'll find instructions for it).

Drone X Pro AIR & QuadAir 4K Drone User Manual

Included Information for AIR Drone: 

    • "HFUN" APP on your Smartphone
  • Follow Me Mode
  • Dual Camera SPLIT-SCREEN Function
  • Gesture Photo/Video
  • Much MUCH MORE...

QuadAir Drone EXTREME Instructions (click here)


QuadAir GPS 4K Drone Instructions Video 
(This is specifically for the GPS version of the QuadAir, NOT for the "EXTREME" version).

QuadAir Drone EXTREME: Quick Setup Instructions

QuadAir Drone EXTREME: WiFi & APP Connection

This Drone X Pro AIR Instructional Video will show you How To "Trim" / "Fine-Tune" this NEW AIR Model to Simply Achieve a Smooth, Controlled, and Stable Flight.


HOW TO: Calibrate and Pair your Drone X Pro AIR 

How To: Connect Phone to DXP AIR WiFi Network

How To Use Drone X Pro AIR App (HFUN) to access Amazing Features, Including Dual Camera Split-Screen Picture in Picture Real-Time Transmission & Much MORE!!

X Pro AIR Instructions for FOLLOW ME Mode 

LIMITLESS 4K GPS 5G WiFi Drone Instruction Manual (Click HERE) 

How to Operate your LIMITLESS GPS 4K Drone


 LIMITLESS GPS 4K Wi-Fi Connection Using your Smartphone