Spare BATTERY for LIMITLESS 4 GPS 4K Drone 7.6V 5000mAh (Newest Model)


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      A Spare Battery for LIMITLESS 4 ONLY 7.6V 5000mAh

      This battery is for our newest LIMITLESS 4 Drone. This battery is NOT compatible with any of its predecessors such as LIMITLESS 3, LIMITLESS 2, etc. The battery won't fit in any of the previous models.

      Please be sure to check the # on the top of the drone body to make sure you have the LIMITLESS 4 drone that this powerful 5000mAh battery is compatible with. The Travel Bag and the outer display box also have the number on it. If either say LIMITLESS 4, then this is the CORRECT battery for you. If it shows LIMITLESS 2 or LIMITLESS 3, then please read on to get the correct battery.

      If you have the LIMITLESS 2 edition or LIMITLESS 3 edition, then you'll need the 7.6v 3400mAh (click here to view & purchase). The 3400mAh battery is compatible with both editions 2 and 3 (but NOT the 4th edition).

      Package Includes: BATTERY ONLY

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