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Black Bird 4K Drone Extreme Upgrade w/ Extra Batteries HD Camera Live Video WiFi FPV Voice Command

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  • Variant: Drone with Carry Case and 3 Batteries
  • SKU: Drone/X-3Bwc
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  • Weight: 1.0 lb
  • Brand: Drone-Clone Xperts

Brand Name: Drone-Clone Xperts 
Color: Black
HD Aerial Photography: Yes
Control Channels: 4 Channels
Gyro: 360° / 6-Axis Quadcopter
Camera Integration: Ultra Wide-Angle 120° Lens Camera Included
Camera Features: 720p HD Video Recording and Photo
Micro SD card compatible: YES, store your photos & videos on SD card (not included) or record directly to your phone)
Connectivity: Wi-Fi Connection, Remote Control, APP Controller, Real-Time Video Transmission from Drone to smart device (phone or tablet)
Pixels: 2 - 3 Million (2MP-3MP)
FPV Operation: Yes
Frequency: 2.4G
Sensor Size: 1/3.0 inches

Drone X Pro EXTREME Quadcopter
Transmitter (Remote Control)
3.7V 500mAh Lipo Battery
USB Charging Cable
Blade Protectors
Instruction Manual

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Black Bird 4K Drone Extreme Upgrade w/ Extra Batteries HD Camera Live Video WiFi FPV Voice Command

Our Signature Black Bird 4K Drone has been UPGRADED to the EXTREME!  We are proud to be the sole possessors of the 1st and ONLY Upgraded Version of the Black Bird 4K Drone.

We also just released a newer and MUCH better 4K camera edition which you can see here: LIMITLESS 4 Drone

Along with the new title comes some amazing new features and advanced engineered crash resistant materials.

IMPORTANT: If your drone doesn't have our logo on it, then it's NOT one of ours, and therefore, NOT an original. Please be careful to only order directly from Drone-Clone Xperts, Inc. to ensure authenticity, because there are many copycat counterfeiters claiming to sell our products due to the popularity of our signature drones.

You may also like our LIMITLESS 2 GPS 4K UHD Camera Drone with Gimbal or our NEWEST drone to date: LIMITLESS 3 Drone with OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE and a 3-AXIS GIMBAL Sony HD Camera. Both have a better 4K Ultra-HD camera ("Dual Camera" means the drone is equipped with 2 cameras--1 camera in front and 1 camera on bottom), and many features the EXTREME does not have, such as FOLLOW ME Mode, GESTURE CONTROL/PHOTO/VIDEO, etc. As you can probably guess, the new 4K UHD Dual Camera Drone  is our company's most popular drone right now due to its impressive features such as its Obstacle Avoidance, flight performance, and low price, but the EXTREME is still a super fun quadcopter, so you can't go wrong either way!

Black Bird 4K Drone EXTREME Upgrades:

  1. Voice Command Function- Fly this drone simply by talking to it using your IOS Device. Commands include Right, Left, Forward, Backward

  2. SD Card Compatible Storage- The app allows instant wireless transfer of photos & videos to your smart device, but if your phone is running low on storage space, or you have so many photos and videos that you can never find the ones you're looking for, do yourself a favor by keeping all your drone photos and videos neatly organized on a Micro SD Card located on-board the drone itself. Want to transfer the info onto your computer? No problem, SD cards are compatible with your computer, making it easy to transfer the amazing footage you captured. (32gb Micro Sd card Sold Separately)

  3. Advanced Engineered Crash Resistant Materials- The original Black Bird was cleverly built with adaptability in mind, meaning its parts are easily replaceable and readily available in the event a crash occurred. This upgraded model is capable of the same; BUT NOW it's built to withstand tough crashes with its newly acquired fortified material.

Product Description:

By far one of the BEST HD camera Drones on the market today in terms of quality and cost. It's one of our most portable, affordable, and user-friendly drones. Equipped with a compact, low profile design that cleverly folds away to about the size of a smartphone, making it easier to carry for traveling.

120° Wide-angle 720P HD Camera, including an adjustable 90° angle on a vertical axis, which captures high-quality HD video and clear aerial photos.

Wide-Angle Camera Drone


One Key Take-off & Auto Return Home 1 press of the button and the drone takes off & returns home. This feature makes it the perfect drone for beginners and intermediate drone pilots. Let this intelligent drone take-off and land by itself until you get good enough to control it with precision.

one key Take-off and Return To Home


360° Flip is quite a fun stunt to show off in front of friends. This can be attributed to the precision control that's able to be achieved while flying this drone.

Altitude Hold allows you to accurately lock in the height and location of the drone, ensuring a steady hover for smooth camera filming at any angle.

Altitude Hold Mode


Trajectory Flight allows you to draw a path on your smartphone's screen that the drone will then automatically follow as it flies

Trajectory Flight Drone X Pro


Perfect for Taking High-Quality HD pictures and videos while enjoying it's innovative FPV WiFi Live Transmission function: The Wi-Fi real-time transmission FPV system easily connects to your smartphone, which enables the view to be shown directly on your phone.

Drone X Pro WiFi FPV


Smart Folding Design makes this drone easily portable.

Drone X Pro EXTREME dimensions
    • Keep your drone protected at all times by adding this safety accessory to your cart: The Hard-Shell Protective Carrying Case is waterproof & specifically designed to keep this drone free from harm. This case is able to withstand 200lb of pressure from all angles and has a waterproof hard cover to keep it protected from any weather that comes its way.

    • Need Extra Batteries? Click HERE to further Increase your Flight Time.
    • Replaceable Drone Motors & Arms (Click here to view): Don't even think about throwing your crashed drone away! The upgraded crash-resistant materials should keep your drone free from harm, but in the event your drone is damaged in a major crash, there's still no reason to panic. Every part of this drone is easily replaceable. Just replace the drone arm and/or motor (takes about 10mins) and back in the air you go! 

      DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS: Click Here to learn everything you need to know such as, how to "Fine-Tune" or "Trim" your Quadcopter to get Optimal Flight Control.

      Voice Command, Up/Down, Forward/Backward, Turn Left/Right, Sideward Flight, 3-Level Flight Speeds, LED Light, Trace Flight-Path, Headless Mode, One KeyTake-Off, Automatic Return, Altitude Hold Mode, FOV, WiFi FPV

      **IMPORTANT**- BLACK BIRD is OUR Signature Line of quadcopters. ONLY OUR COMPANY, Drone-Clone Xperts, owns the intellectual property rights for these products. Due to the extreme popularity of our product line, other websites/companies from outside the US (mainly asia) have, unfortunately, been producing and selling counterfeits (sometimes using the same name and other times using different names like AeroDrone or Skyhawk). So PLEASE be informed that If you purchase a "Black Bird 4K" from any website other than ours, it is NOT an original and we can not be held responsible for the outcome. Keep in mind we are not affiliated with ANY other company, business, or website! Please shop carefully and put your trust in PROVEN COMPANIES such as DRONE-CLONE XPERTS INC.


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